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Cornish Stuff is an new independent online news source for Cornwall.

We were established in November 2016 – Our first story was about Steve Double making a speech in Parliament against Devonwall, and the same afternoon Sheryll Murray MP filibustered through a disability bill and we had our second story…. which inspired a demo in Liskeard (!) ….

Since then we have published close to 800 articles and established ourselves as the most popular, influential and informed independent news outlet in Cornwall. Thousands of people read our stories every week and our Facebook page is alive with comments and debates.

Our simple aim is to be sustainable, independent and genuinely useful to Cornwall.

We are free and we will never charge you to read our articles or put them behind a paywall.

We publish our own sourced news and features, articles about Cornish life, and selected and edited press releases from public/private/community organisations too.

We also have a popular Comment & Opinion section where contributors expand and share their views on topics relevant to Cornwall.

We actively encourage our readership to get involved and contribute to the content of the site. If you have a news story or a opinion piece for us (text or video) please get in touch.

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We will post everything to Twitter too of course but our Twitter feed is used for more general communication, connecting, campaigning and some nonsense. If you use Twitter follow us @cornishstuff

If you have a story, or to submit considered pieces for Comment & Opinion pls message (DM) through FB or Twitter, or email editor@cornishstuff.com with the gist of it in a sentence or two, in the first instance. We can now accept videos too.

Submit to: editor@cornishstuff.com

We are purely online and don’t have an office for you to visit.