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Sheryll Murray, Tory MP for SE Cornwall, has come in for widespread criticism this weekend from across her constituency, across Cornwall and from Disability Rights campaigners from across the UK.

It’s because on Friday she sat all day in the chamber of the House of Commons, not as you would hope, doing her job and representing the people of Cornwall but delaying proceedings, talking nonsense on purpose just to waste time, interrupting and generally being one of those politicians that ultimately caused Brexit & Trump.

She pretended that she hadn’t received any correspondence from her constituents about Devonwall and voted in favour of the boundary change that the rest of Cornwall has united to reject. Murray also criticised the Council in her speech for wasting money on independent legal advice on whether or no the minority status of the Cornish people who live in Cornwall could be used to stop Devonwall. At one stage she deliberately and pointlessly interrupted fellow Cornish MP Steve Double’s speech by asking the Snozzle MP which part of his own constituency was crossing the Devon border? Maybe she spends so much time up London this “Cornish girl” has forgotten the geography of Cornwall.

She was just getting warmed up. After voting in favour of Devonwall, she stayed in the chamber to filibuster – to use delaying tactics – through an obscure but simple bill that would have taxi drivers and the like attend compulsory disability awareness training – this means more taxis available to take disabled people to work & school etc.

Why on earth would you waste taxpayers time and money on stopping that?

Who is she representing? Who is she working for?

Sorry if this is slipping into more of a rant than a news story but I’m angry with her aren’t you?


Reaction on social media to her behaviour has been instant and vicious on both issues.

Labour frontbencher and the bill’s sponsor Andrew Gwynne MP called her “shameful”.

He tweeted “Shameful of Tory MPs Tom Pursglove Sheryll Murray for talking out my Bill. Heartless & pathetic, despite Govt wanting action”

One comment from Kyle’s Evie called her “selfish and uncaring”

– please explain to the public why exactly you hate people who are blind? “

CNP on Devonwall “Sheryll Murray, you have secured your place in Cornish history. When is the next general election?”

@cornishstuff reader LP summed it up perfectly in our new comments section (plug plug)

“You don’t speak 4 me or represent me. What did you actually do…. so disrespectful 4 ur actual constituency do they know u wasted precious time on things that matter”

Disability Rights campaigners have organised a demo outside her office in Liskeard at 1pm this Tuesday (22/11) . Supporters from across Cornwall are expected to attend.

 Interestingly, Truro MP Sarah Newton –  a junior minister and until the summer a Government whip – was in the house at 2pm (she voted in favour of Devonwall) but she did nothing to influence her colleague’s behaviour and see the  bill through – this despite speaking at and sponsoring  a #disabilityconfident event at Hall for Cornwall the previous Friday, an event to promote er.. disability rights and disabled people getting into work…..

    • if you have copies of genuine correspondence that you have sent to Murray on Devonwall please let @cornishstuff know 😉

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